Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The goal of any business with a website is to get organic (free) website traffic. We accomplish this through proper SEO services.


SEO Services Helps Grow Organic Traffic Without Ads

The entire purpose of technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO is to grow your organic search engine traffic without the need for Ads. Free website traffic is the best option for your bottom line.

We provide several quality search engine optimization plans below that should fit the budget of any business.


Upfront SEO Prices

We believe in providing upfront prices so you get an idea of what we charge our clients. The plans below are not set in stone and we can discuss other options with you to suit your business needs.

Our SEO packages start at $200 per month with a $500 minimum requirement to be effective. This means we charge $200 + $500 to spend on off-page SEO requirements.

SEO Services, Getting Traffic & Revenue

Veteran Web Design is an SEO and marketing company capable of bringing your business the right target traffic that converts visitors into customers. 

Our SEO campaigns will save you money by increasing organic (free) website traffic. We also offer paid marketing campaigns to help get targeted traffic instantly.


SEO Services

We offer SEO services that get free organic traffic to your website by following all the latest search engine techniques.


Keyphrases Optimized


Up to 20


Up to 40


Up to 60



Pages Optimized

Up to 10

Up to 20

Up to 30


Content Rewrite, UX or Conversion Tracking

Up to 4

Up to 8

Up to 12


DA 10+ Backlinks

Up to 5

Up to 10

Up to 15


Custom Data Studio Tracker





Keyword Research & Selection


Keyword Mapping to Target Pages


Title Tags & Meta Tag Improvement


Robots.txt Optimization


Google Analytics setup w/ conversion tracking


Monthly keyword tracker report


Competitor Keyword and Traffic Analysis


Online Project Manager Board


Website Conversion Tracking


404 Link Redirect Monitoring


Canonicalization analysis


Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)


Setup of website sitemap


Image optimization


Ready to Start Getting Organic Traffic?

SEO Audit Services

It’s impossible to improve SEO without first conducting an SEO audit. Listed below is a portion of our on-page and off-page audit. An SEO audit involves a top to bottom audit of all major website pages you want to rank for.

Backlink checker, we will use various tools such as AHREFs, MOZ, SEMRush, and Ubersuggest to take a look at your backlinks. We want to see quality backlinks to your website and suggest disavowing any backlinks that are causing worse than good, such as backlinks from known link farms or web 2.0 types of links.


Anchor Text, now we want to examine your anchor text to see if the external links are also damaging to your website. In addition to the links themselves, we are also looking at what anchor text is being used, for example, we don’t want to see web design in Richmond, VA, we would rather see something like top search engine optimization company in Richmond, VA. You are looking for natural-looking anchor text, versus generic unnatural anchor text.

Keyword Canobilization, we want to prevent two internal website pages from targeting the same keyword phrase. An example of this, within Veteran Web Design, I don’t want to use an internal link of web design going to the same page, it just defeats search intent. A tool to assist with this is Screaming Frog.

Keyword Optimization, using AHREFs, Google Search Console, or one of the other tools mentioned earlier you want to check where you are ranking for various keywords. If you’re close to the top ranking for a keyword with decent volume, you want to try and focus on those keywords to get them higher rankings versus trying to get higher rankings on keywords that are highly competitive.

Site Architecture, we want to look at your website pages and how many clicks someone has to get to see the page. If you want the page to be a higher priority, then you want to modify the structure and push the article closer to the top.

On-Page optimization, we will go through every website page the client wants to be ranked and audit these pages for improvements. Starting with the home page, we want to make sure it ranks for the targeted keyword, such as this page needs to rank for search engine optimization (SEO). We want the page to be like an Army term, bottom line up front (BLUF). We want the title to be an H1 tag, the title should be very descriptive and should include the primary focus keyword. There is more to on-page SEO, it is a top of the page to bottom of page process.

Is page indexed, we will make sure to check and see that the website page is properly indexed (showing within major search engines).

Redirects, all 404-page errors will be corrected and redirected to relevant pages.

Image optimization, We will make sure all images on a website are properly sized both dimensionally and in total file size.

CSS and Javascript, we will compress all CSS and Javascript files so they load faster removing any white space that makes those files larger than they need to be.

Google Web Development Tools, next will be correcting any errors found by the Google web dev insight tool to help speed your website up as much as possible on both desktop and mobile devices. GtMetrix is another great website we like to use to inspect websites for clients.

Building backlinks, website popularity is important as part of Google ranking, but just having backlinks does not work. We will build a certain amount of backlinks from relevant high-domain authority websites to help improve search engine ranking and organic traffic.

XML Sitemaps, you want your sitemap to be correct and easily found by the major search engines. We will validate your sitemap and ensure it is submitted.

Website traffic, it’s important that we see where you rank for any traffic you are receiving. We will track your current rankings and provide monthly updates on where your rankings improve as well as new keyword rankings. Checking this also gives us an opportunity to improve rankings as mentioned above about keyword optimization.

Local SEO and Search Engine Marketing Company FAQs

Search Engine Optimization is a straightforward procedure to create a strategy to enhance the search ranking of websites or web pages in natural search results. An excellent SEO strategy significantly improves the quality and quantity of traffic to the website as organic search on the internet is the most subtle way for audiences to discover and gain online content or any website.

Search Engine Marketing Virginia provides website owners a way to reach people by using specific keywords that people usually use to retrieve certain information or to get knowledge of any product, service, or a particular subject. The search engines use algorithms that rank the website, and SEO works to get the ranking organically.

We are an affordable Local SEO Services Company. We provide adequately planned SEO Services to help our clients make the website recognizable and rank on the top of the search engine results with organic leads. In addition, we actively work with our clients to provide them with the best results and ROI possible from the SEO strategies.

Normally we can complete a website within just two weeks. This is all dependent on how quickly you respond to any of our feedback requests as well as the current workload.

Yes, we always strategically plan out how a law firm with multiple practice areas needs to flow. We will ensure all of your practice areas are integrated into your attorney website seamlessly and allow the best possible results that lead to conversions.

Please check out our SEO and Marketing page, we can surely assist you with getting more website traffic to your law practice. As a database guy, Donnie loves tracking where a website starts in the search engine and how quickly he can get a website ranked in the top ten of the search results based on focus keywords. For instance, it’s hard to rank for the keyword “law firm website”, but a little easier for “law firm website in Topeka, Kansas” or other areas in your surrounding location.

I’m sorry, we do not currently offer hosting services, but we highly recommend for your website hosting requirements.