About Veteran Web Design

We are a veteran-owner Virginia web design company that started in 2003 while deployed to Iraq, my first website design client was my military company. I created a free family support group (FSG) website while deployed to Iraq. It was featured on the Bob & Tom Show and crashed because of the traffic, this was pretty cool.

How Did You Create a Website in Iraq?

It wasn’t easy, the internet was terrible back then for obvious reasons. I started building databases and computers in 1998 while I was stationed in Germany, so creating a website was pretty simple for me back then. I created the website in HTML and use a text editor like notepad to create all of my website pages. It wasn’t an ideal way of doing things, but I had a lot of fun doing it. Some friends followed Bob & Tom and when they went home for R&R (Rest and Recuperation), they got to be on the radio show. We were in the 101st Airborne stationed at Ft Campbell, KY, and deployed to Mosul, Iraq. My friends mentioned the family support group website and boom, it crashed from the mass amount of people that wanted to see what we were doing in Iraq. I loved it.

About this Virginia Web Design Company

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My name is Donnie. I’ve been developing websites since 2003. During a deployment to Iraq in 2003, there was a requirement to build a custom database for the Iraqi Army and Police to manage their employees. People would literally just showing up on payday and then they would disappear.

I decided I wanted to start a business custom developing databases and started looking for people to build a website. The quotes received were crazy high, so I build a website myself.

My first website was a family support group website, for my company in Iraq. The website was done for free, but it provided the experience I needed to learn. It was actually featured on the Bob & Tom show which crashed the website from the amount of traffic. This was awesome!

Ever since those days, Veteran Web Design has built hundreds of websites for clients all over the world. 

Because I’ve been stationed all over the world, I’ve had the privilege of building websites for clients all over the world. After retirement from the US Army, I settled here in Virginia. Even though my company is a Virginia web design company, I work with clients everywhere.

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