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Trapani Law Firm Banner

Trapani Law - Web Development

Mr. Trapani wanted a fresh look for his website and the ability to update the website himself whenever needed. We reviewed his old website, updated the content to perform better in search engines and provided him with a fully functioning content management system (CMS) in WordPress ®. Visit Site

Walter Ray Williams Jr Receiving Espy Award

Walter Ray Williams Jr. - Hall of Fame Bowler

Walter Ray Williams Jr. is a Hall of Fame and active player in the Professional Bowling Association (PBA). Walter Ray needed a website to promote his merchandise as well as allow fans to contact him. We developed his site using WordPress ® and WooCommerce ®. We continue to manage this website today. Visit Site

Event planning banner

Sincerely Me - Event Planning and Catering

Lynn was retiring after 30 years of service and starting a new venture with her daughter. Lynn was well known for her event planning and her daughter equally as known for catering. Together, they formed Sincerely Meeting Expectations and we developed their online presence. Visit Site

Banner Purchasing a Domain Name

Build a(n) Website

The idea behind this website is to teach people with no website budget on how to build their own websites. It is useful for anyone regardless of budget, it includes marketing tutorials, search engine optimization (SEO) and content management system (CMS) installation. Visit Site

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