Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is an Art Form

That’s right! SEO is an art form. The book definition is basically optimizing your website to rank well within the search engines, Google being the largest behemoth of them all.

There is more to SEO than just creating a large amount of key words and thinking you’ll get organic search results from the search engines. You must also ensure your website is properly coded, the layout of your website is done in a way to create a great user experience and more.

You content should be written in a way that is search engine friendly. Don’t just write a bunch of keywords, pick one or two keywords and write a nice article around those keywords. The article should be well written, proper grammar, make sure the keywords aren’t written so much, it looks like spam.

The first paragraph should have your keyword within it. The search engines will look within that first paragraph and most likely not rank it well if you don’t have your keyword prominently within the first paragraph of the web page.

Don’t forget about the title tag, as you can see from the title on this page. What is SEO? I’m writing this page to be ranked well for SEO and Search Engine Optimization. The search engines will place a little more weight on the page if the keyword is also in your title tag.

The URL is important for your keyword as well, so make sure you include it there. 

H1 and H2 sub-headers are also important places to place your keyword throughout your page.

Don’t forget about images, you know there are attributes within your images that can be used as well as the title of the image itself. Use the keywords there if it makes sense.

Internal links are useful to assist the search engines with crawling your website, this includes using anchor texts.

Variations of your keywords are useful too, my keyword for this page is SEO and Search Engine Optimization, what about search engine rankings, search engine improvements, seo keyword research, analysis or others. If there is a keyword associated to the main keyword, think about using it.

Using keywords in meta-description doesn’t work like it used to, but writing a detailed meta-description is still worth doing. Users that see a detailed meta-description when finding your website in Google are more likely to visit your website based on that.

Make that site mobile friendly, this will soon be a requirement and your website will not be found or ranked high at all if it is not. 

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