eCommerce Development and Design

On another page, we discussed user experience (UX). When it comes to eCommerce, user experience is critical. We create eCommerce websites that are easy to navigate and build trust within your website visitors.

What eCommerce Platform Do You Use?

We have two favorite eCommerce platforms we love to use. Our #1 favorite is Shopify, it already has the eCommerce functionality such as credit card processing, shipping integration, and more built right in. Shopify comes with a low monthly cost of $29 per month and goes up based on your needs. Our second favorite eCommerce platform is the WordPress plugin called WooCommerce. This is a free eCommerce platform for the budget-conscious customer that delivers powerful results. WooCommerce requires add-on plugins to deliver like Shopify, but thanks to the awesome Stripe payment gateway, credit card processing is a breeze.

eCommerce Return on Investment (ROI)

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eCommerce websites require even more work to get a great return on investment. It is essential that your eCommerce website is designed and developed in a way that allows website visitors an easy and fast route to your shopping cart.

No seams are seamless. You want your website visitors to get to your cart and check out quickly, otherwise, you may lose them. An eCommerce website must provide ease of use, security confidence, and great content.

Consistency is everything. You need an eCommerce system that allows you to easily create products with a consistent design or your users will bounce, thus we say bounce rate is high.

Customer User Experience. Customers that purchase from you once are more than likely to return. You want to take advantage of this and have product recommendations ready for them. You need to be able to communicate with your customers through your eCommerce website to continue to increase your return on investment (ROI).


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